To borrow an analogy from the construction industry, this site—not proof read—is under construction.

In the meantime, we should leave you with at least a little information about what AAA Analogy Service offers: If you tell us your idea—for example your personal, corporate, artistic or scientific idea—we’ll offer you an analogy for that idea, i.e., we’ll tell you what it’s like. We are the AAA Analogy Service Corporation and our corporate slogan is, “We Know What It’s Like.”

We have taken one feature of poetry and made it commercially available. For an example, in May of 2008, an analogy from our service (see footnote 69) was published in Cornell University’s Journal of Law and Public Policy, which you can read by CLICKING HERE.

But in addition to showing how one thing is like another using words, we PRESENT one thing like another by presenting it in the form of another thing.

An example of this will be seen in a forthcoming film we are producing, CowJews and Indians, a film that shows how, in many ways, the predicament of the Jews is like the predicament of the Indians.

The film is mostly top-secret, so only a small amount of information is provided, which you can access by CLICKING HERE.