Native Americans Discover White Man

Beverly Hills, California—November 6, 2012—Marc Halberstadt claims he was discovered by Indians. 

He realized he was discovered when the Red Nation Film Festival yesterday nominated the movie he wrote and directed for Best Documentary.

Halberstadt’s film is called, “CowJews and Indians: How Hitler Scared My Relatives—and I Woke Up in an Iroquois Longhouse, Owing the Mohawks Rent.” It is a feature-length documentary playing on Sunday, 4:15 P.M. in Beverly Hills at Laemmle’s Music Hall Theater. It’s a one-time-only showing.

Upon hearing of his nomination Monday afternoon, Halberstadt said, “Unlike the Native Americans, who were justifiably annoyed when they heard that Columbus claimed that he had discovered them, I was quite pleased to hear that the Native Americans had discovered me.”

“I could not have done this film without the collaboration of Tekahnawiiaks (Mohawk, Akwesasne), Nathan Blindman (Lakota, Pine Ridge), Clayton Graham (Lakota, Pine Ridge), and Mitch Factor (Seminole-Menominee, Washington State).

Halberstadt, who calls himself “a meditating Jew with Kabbalistic musings,” said, “our tribes worked together.”

CowJews and Indians documents the adventure of four Indians, in Germany, trying to reclaim the former home of Halberstadt’s family that was lost to the Nazis.

In the process, Halberstadt claims to have found a new solution to Native American dispossession, “a solution,” he says, “that has not been proposed in the five hundred years since Columbus, a solution shockingly late in arrival. It’s strange that nobody thought of it.”